Losing Weight With Green Vegetables

Losing weight has become very important in a world where obesity is becoming very common. However, people have started to look into how they can do so in the easiest possible way. While exercising is effective, it may not be as effective if not combined with a proper dietary plan. On the other hand, green vegetables are becoming a growing alternative, due to various reasons.


  • Low calorie

Green vegetables are often highly recommended at fitness holiday Thailand camps, because these are very low-calorie foods that allow you to feel full, without actually consuming many calories. In terms of calories, six cups of broccoli have fewer calories than one cup of pasta. They can easily be substituted in soups, omelets, and many other dishes, or can be consumed on their own, in the form of a stir fry.

  • Healthy diet

These green vegetables are packed with nutrition and should always be a part of a balanced diet, along with whole grains and fruits. These help you keep fuller, and for a longer duration, thanks to all the fiber these vegetables contain. Green vegetables usually have a lot of minerals, such as iron, as well as vitamins A, B and C, giving you more energy.

  • Additional benefits

Some green vegetables are proven to improve eyesight, while many others offer various different benefits. Peas for example, are high in protein, and induce the body for weight loss, which spinach, fiddlehead and many other vegetables also offer, through various different channels. Similarly, these can be used in green smoothies to help you stay refreshed and keep fuller.

We hope these benefits are enough to motivate you to incorporate green vegetables in your diet. 

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