The Psychology of Boxing

Mental toughness is the key in any sport but especially in boxing.

Physical change and improvement are generally measurable; however, mental strength cannot be quantified, it's also known as mind management.

As with the majority of sports, a boxer’s career can be short-lived, and the years in which they are at the top of the sport are when they are mentally young. boxing Melbourne is there to help young and upcoming fighters.

Sports psychology has become at the forefront of their sport in the last twenty-five years.

The first athletes and country to adopt this method were Russia in the 1920's they were extremely successful at the Olympic games winning many medals.  America picked up on sports psychology after that and sports organisations started to understand that the mind was as important as the physical aspect of sports. Europe did not adopt this until more recently, and today sports psychologists are in demand more than ever.

America was the next to include psychology in their training programs, with basketball being at the forefront of this in the 1980's and 90's. Mental training programs arrived in Europe late in the 1960’s. Today, sports psychologists are more and more in demand as society is changing towards the mindset of the individual athlete not just their physical condition. 

Today's athletes are very dependent on this from tennis to table tennis it's very much about the mindset.  Although a boxer throws punches a chess player makes moves, it's all about a state of mind. The job of a sports psychologist is about setting a process to follow and conditioning the athlete to concentrate less on pressure and stress but more on confidence and purpose. 

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