A Brief Intro to Aw 18650

The reasons to go for it!

The added kind of security comes in various ways. It's manufactured with a chip on the mobile. This chip can help to control the aw 18650 batteries and maintain the charging limitation in check. It makes sure the battery doesn't charge more than what was necessary.

A Brief Intro to Aw 18650

If the battery costs over its limit then the chemical balance within the battery will be disturbed and this may result in an explosion. If the cell isn't completely charged even then it poses another challenge.

The incomplete charging of the mobile disrupts the balance of the cell. It becomes highly unstable and can't be reused. The processor automatically closes the cell when the cell is used over its possible.

Technical specifications

Higher Level of security

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries

Higher Level of quality assurance as It is manufactured under the legislation of ISO9001-2000

It can power all of the devices that require up to 3.7 v of electricity

Special Features

This aw battery includes a PCB protective coating that ensures it remains a very safe gadget when in use. So as to recharge the battery, we will need to utilize its own specified charger. It's a button top that's one of its main selling features alongside many others. The button makes it compatible with many devices this assists in the diversity of applications for which the battery can be used.

These cells can't be utilized in groups or packs. If people want to create packs then those aw cells aren't for you. The PCB protection isn't enough to counter the impact of these cells functioning as a group. 

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