The Non-Investor Visa

Expansion of the business is must to promote its growth in the global market and gain maximum success. Some entrepreneurs have a desire to start the business in some foreign country where there are comparatively more chances of generating revenue. For such people, there are e2 visa business opportunities that have the chance to work in the USA for a certain amount of time without getting the permanent residency. E2 investor visa has opened the door for the people who want to maximize their profit. This visa is generally renewed after every two years.  The peculiar feature about the e2 investor visa is that time span for renewal of visa is limitless.

There are no special requirements for the e2-investor visa. The only requirement is that any type of investment requires a substantial amount of money which needs to be invested in the business. This visa is available to the residents of that country with whom the USA has trade treaties. The e2 visa may also cover the spouse of the applicant. The income generated should be able to fulfill the needs of the family. Such types of business also bring huge profit and revenue to the USA which further helps in generating more income.

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