Why Purchase a Candig Mini Digger?

Candig Mini Diggers will be the ideal selection for Landscapers, Builders, Hobby Farmers, or anybody doing small building works on a regular basis. If you will need the competitive advantage for the grinding needs, including anything from footings for retaining walls, to planting trees or installing water lines. The Candig CD11 version tows easily with a little vehicle, quad, or even pushed by hand. Get more info about digger hire via https://www.perthdiggerhire.com.au/.

Why Purchase a Candig Mini Digger?

At just 840 lbs, the ultra-mini excavator causes very little damage to surrounding lawns or other sensitive locations. At exactly the exact same time, you'll be happy with the 2600 lbs of break-out force generated from the 5.5 horsepower Honda engine.

Four free accessories include great value and flexibility to your investment. Use your free entry wheels to allow your mini digger to slide through yard gates or doorways. The thumb permits you to pick up stones or logs and put them where you desire.

Every new Candig mini digger also includes a second, 5-inch broad trenching bucket. The "ripper" makes tough digging easier. Considering all the fantastic benefits provided, the CD11 is the correct selection for all your landscaping needs. Treat yourself to a new Candig unit. Your back will thank you, and your family deserves the excess income it will create in your enterprise.

Model CD11T

Basically, this is just like the CD11B, except it is bolted conveniently to the back of your little pick-up truck. There's absolutely not any need to cover this as a trailer unit because it becomes a part of your current vehicle. The CD21T is excellent for the farm, or when digging in readily accessible places, particularly when more power is required.  

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