Finding Suppliers for a Shopify Store

If you are setting up a new Shopify store, you may want to consider WorldwideBrands as a potential source of wholesale and drop shipped goods – instead of the usual Chinese wholesale sites like Ali Express and DHGate.

Worldwide Brands is a bit different to Ali Express – it's a directory rather than a marketplace for a start, and while Ali Express allows anyone to sell and relies on a user rating system to differentiate the good sellers from the bad, Worldwide Brands research all suppliers before adding them and guarantee that they are legitimate and reliable.  This means that while Ali Express is generally safe to buy from, Worldwide Brands is much safer and more reliable.

There are two downsides to Worldwide Brands though – it has a membership fee of $299 and when you want to buy from a seller you find in their database you will need to contact that seller offline – it's not possible to buy through the Worldwide Brands site like you can with Ali Express.

So while Worldwide Brands offers good products and fast delivery, it's not easy to buy from their sellers – there is a trade off; you have to spend more time (and maybe money) with WWB but you get a better product and service for your customers.

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