Byron Luxury Accommodation for the Adventure Seeking Enthusiasts


Byron Bay has come a long way from being a peaceful village to one of the best tourist destinations in Australia. What Byron Bay has to offer to its visitors?

Water Adventure: The water activities are a hit in Byron Bay. From snorkeling to swimming and from fishing to canoeing, you definitely feel the thrill of riding the huge waves in your surfing breaks.

Tourist Attractions: The history and culture of Byron Bay have been preserved well by the residents and the local bodies. The streets in the Bangalow are lined with traditional houses and buildings complete with verandas. Many of them have been converted to antique shops that sell rugs, carpets and books. Cape Byron is the farthest point in the east and houses a 1901 lighthouse. Close to Byron Bay is another historic village by the name Federal. The macadamia farms there grow some of the most delicious nuts.

Art: The outdoor cafes and restaurants in Byron Bay feature artworks done by the local artists. The regional art gallery is in the town of Lismore. The Byron Lounge Cinema and the Northern Rivers Performing Arts are the other two centers for art enthusiasts.

Fairs and Events: The community market is held in Butler Street where one can purchase farm produce, arts and crafts, furniture and fixtures and some house-ware. Gourmet wine and dishes are prepared during September.

Accommodation: Byron luxury accommodation has the best villas, resorts and top class apartments.   

Millions of tourist have already visited Byron Bay, when are you?

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