What Causes That Uncomfortable Burning Sensation in Your Feet

A continuous hot and burning sensation in feet is a very uncomfortable that can arise due to many different health complications. One of the most common causes of this condition is neurological infection and/or damage. These might arise due to different diseases or even direct physical harm to those specific neurons.

Although many medical conditions can lead to that burning sensation in your feet, the most common ailment leading to this is diabetes. Since the damage to your neurons is already done when you develop this condition, treatment mainly focuses on preventing further damage to the nerve and alleviating the pain.

The damage to nerves in the feet we are talking about is referred to as neuropathy. Damaged nerve fibers are more susceptible to malfunction and misfires leading to them generating false signals which will then amount to a burning sensation in feet even though there is no damage or injury to the feet.

In most people who develop neuropathy hence the condition, the nerve damage starts at the edges resulting to a continuous numb and tingling feeling in the toes and the furthest end of the feet. This is usually a slight discomfort which in many times is on and off and can be easily ignored. It however be much more efficient if the neuropathy is captured at this point.

Apart from diabetes, other medical conditions that might lead to the development of the burning feet sensation include; chronic kidney disease (uremia), vitamin deficiency, low thyroid hormone concentration (hypothyroidism), heavy metal poisoning, HIV/AIDS , drug side effects and even over-use of alcohol among many others.

Apart from neuropathy it should also be noted that other infections and inflammation of the feet can also lead to the burning sensation in feet. One of the most common external inflammation ailments causing this is athletes’ foot which is a fungal infection of the lower foot mostly in between the toes.

In addition to this, complications in the body that relate to the circulation of blood in the body can also lead to the condition. One such condition is the peripheral artery disease which leads to poor blood circulation in the feet. This will cause tingling, pain and burning feet especially when walking.

Statistics shows that most people who have burning feet have a direct diagnosable cause to the condition. For such people, the treatment procedure of the condition will just be a breeze since all there is in the procedure is to treat the causing disease and administer some painkillers for the pain.

On the other hand, if your burning sensation in feet cannot be linked to any of the known causative diseases, more tests have to be carried out to determine the exact cause hence be in a position to cure it and arrest the infection.

Another possible cause is a simple yeast infection – commonly called Athletes Foot. The difference with this type of infection is that it tends to be confined to just the toes but, if left untreated, can be very irritating and even cause severe problems such as redness and bleeding from the skin. If you think you may have a fungal foot infection then you should visit http://cureyeastinfectionnomore.com/ where you can find out more about how to treat it naturally without the need for expensive creams or doctors treatments.

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