Fun Fall Activities For The Entire Family

1. Beautify your home for Halloween.

You can go all out and beautify out or inside or you can simply beautify your porch or front door. You can purchase your decorations or you and your children can make some.  

2. Pumpkins!

You'll be able to visit a nearby farm, pumpkin patch, or simply to a shop that sells pumpkins.  It isn't important in which the pumpkins come out of; it only depends upon where you reside, and how long you need to spend getting pumpkins. You can also look for Rickey Ranch pumpkin patch to enjoy a fun-filled day.

3.  Create a scarecrow.

Sure, you can purchase a scarecrow decoration in the shop, but it is far more fun to create your own and let your children help.  Use an old pair of jeans and a flannel shirt.  Tie off the base of the jeans and the sleeves, it's possible to simply use rubber bands.  Use leaves out of the yard to stuff that the scarecrow.

4.  Leaf Engravings.

Take your children for a walk out to locate leaves.  Attempt to discover the most adorable or neatest looking leaves and then take them back indoors.  Put a leaf in a desk or flat work surface, put a sheet of paper, and then rub the paper using a crayon to produce the leaf layout on the sheet of newspaper.

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