3 Things Smoking Weed Does To Your Body

Many people today know how marijuana can help in coping with pain, seizures, and inflammation.

Less commonly understood are the advantages of smoking marijuana for many smokers, both recreational and medicinal. You can visit https://oggnursery.com/marijuana-seeds-california/ to buy marijuana seeds.

Now that buying and consuming marijuana is legal for many patients in over half of US countries, the study on the favorable effects of smoking are getting less rare and a lot more advantages are coming to light.

Here are only 3 things we understand smoking marijuana does to your body:

Marijuana Lowers Blood Pressure

That is a fancy term for something which opens up blood vessels allowing for improved flow and lower blood pressure. This is exactly what gives folks those pesky bloodshot eyes whenever they smoke marijuana.


It is also the real estate of cannabis which makes it so powerful in treating Glaucoma, based on the study since it reduces intraocular pressure up to 25%.

Cannabis Encourages Deep Sleep

Research has shown that smoking marijuana will be able to help you drop some weight and raises the time spent in deep sleep. It has been noted by most users and some preliminary research that smoking cannabis near bedtime may decrease or eliminate time spent in REM sleep.

Smoking Pot Makes You Cool

An analysis published in the US National Library of Medicine indicates that bud may impact the transient receptor potential channels in our bodies, which influence how you feel the fever.

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