What are Keyrings And Their Types?


Keyrings help business to promote their brand in the market. Keyrings come in various types such as custom keyrings, printed plastic key-tags, metal keyrings engraved with laser and more. For brand promotion, metal keyrings are widely used as logos can be imprinted with permanent finish. If you’re looking for promotional keyrings, these are some of the types for your understanding.

  • Printed Keyrings – Made out of plastic, printed keyrings cost less and can be customized by adding colors while printing. Unlike metal, plastic has different qualities that allow companies to add their logos on the keyrings easily. And since plastic is cheap, you can use them as a giveaway during promotional events.
  • Novelty Keyrings –To add a little bit of depth, Novelty Keyrings are the best. If you want to add something different like a name with image, Novelty Keyrings are the best in the market.
  • Metal Keyrings –This keyring is popular among small and corporate business. Metal keyrings can be engraved with laser – this gives you the opportunity to add a message or logo on them. These provide visibility on the eyes of a consumer making them aware of your brand or company.
  • Torch Keyrings – These keyrings become handy when lights go out. Torch keyrings come with a handy torch allowing you to find those set of keys, pens etc.

If you want to promote your business, then try to get custom shaped keyrings for your benefit.

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