Brief About Soul Foods

In older times, soul foods were sweet and hearty. They focused on what wasn’t abundant most other times, such as meats, fats, and fruits. You see, the normal diet of the average person about 100 years ago focused on veggies. Hence, soul food has been richer in nutrients and cash.

Nowadays, soul foods are the same, the rest of our diet is not. That’s why we’ve improved heart disease and other debilitating problems. We now eat a diet that’s full of heart-damaging fats, excessive carbohydrates, too much poor excellent protein and overall just too much.

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On the other hand, our foods are being depleted of nutrients and we’ve replaced new foods using pre-packaged crap that’s had the nutrients removed to avoid spoiling.

Not very appetizing. Nonetheless, it appears cheap if you don’t visit the farmer’s market and find the grocery stores are charging double and triple what a genuine fresh vegetable should price. I guess that is all the additional cuts, pesticides, and traveling costs.

But occasionally these great soul foods are necessary. My grandma made a lamb stew that was rich in meats and vegetables. It’s full of nutrients and if ill, it was wonderful. She made it from scratch, using fresh meat and vegetables bought from a local butcher.

She used spices and herbs, rather than too much salt. Everything was healthy. Whenever you’re down, it is sometimes tricky to select healthy foods over foods. I generally advise skipping foods which were fried or don’t have any vegetable component

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